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Nursery @ Dubai


We believe that at Little Wings, every child would have a "home away from home." Our premises are very spacious and easily accessible. It is also designed to provide a safe and stimulating environment for children between the ages of four months to four years.We have five spacious classrooms, an indoor play area, an outdoor play area with a designated cycling track, gym and water and sand play areas.

Our nursery follows the British Curriculum and every activity here encourages the child to think, explore, create, make decisions and learn at the same time both individually or in groups thus encouraging other values like sharing, responsibility and leadership.

Our team reflects the vibrant multi-cultural facet of Dubai and we do recognize that every child is unique and thus we make allowances for the fact that each child has his/her own pace and we work together in providing an environment that would bring out the best in every single one of them. This is why we are one of the best nurseries in Dubai or if not the best.